Blackjack Hand – How to Beat the House Advantage

Today we are going to learn about a great way to beating the house advantage in the game of blackjack, which is commonly known as card counting. According to blackjack rules, the dealer must hit at a certain point according to the accumulated total of the cards. However, according to card counting, if you know the number of cards remaining in the deck, you know what the next card will be and you can choose your strategy accordingly. Card counting is perfectly legal, but casinos can and will take action against card counters. To beat the house advantage in blackjack, you need to count cards and you do this by guessing, guessing correctly and counting. If you guess correctly, you will have a better advantage over the house and you will have a greater chance of beating the house.

First you need to guess the number of cards remaining in the deck. This is called the running count. The important thing to remember about card counting is that you have to guess the number of cards remaining in the deck, and not the actual number of cards.

To help you in card counting, you need to bet very conservatively and take very large bets if you are a new card counter. When you are a more experienced card counter, you can take larger bets and you can win a lot more. The reason for taking larger bets is that you are literally paying more to beat the house.

You also need to do your betting in relation to the size of the bet required to beat the house. If you bet 1$, the house will expect to be paid back 9$, but you and you alone will be paid back 10$, since the house is only paying you 11.

The easiest way to card count is to have a high starting bet and to track the cards as they are played. You need to know the cards, and when they are played, you need to bet in relation to the low bet table. If you are playing a $5 bet and the minimum bet is $1, then you should bet $2 for the next hand.

When you are winning, you are said to have a positive count. When you are losing, you have a negative count. When you are drawing into the red, you will have a positive count if the cards are in the black, and you will have a negative count if they are in the red.

The High Bet and the Red Bet

When you are getting a blackjack, you are paid even money, unless the dealer ties with you. In that case, you will be paid a 1:1 payout on your bet. However, if you bet the ‘plus’ on the blackjack, you will be paid the horse odds on your bet. Therefore, the most positive bet you can make is equal to your original bet. Now, you will double up when you win. The one bet you should avoid is the 6 bet.

For the plus bet, you will get 7:1. When you win, you again need to bet the plus amount to fetch the house. Since you are already being paid by the 1:1 payout, you have no more need to bet the plus.

For the high bet, you will need to pay double the amount of your original bet. If you lose, you again only double the amount of your bet and play again in another hand.

The Best Hand

What you want to be able to learn is what your best hand is, what your winnings will be, and of course,kill the dealer. If you have an ace, a king, or a queen, definitely do not hit. You can’t win with these hands. If you have an ace, a king, or a queen, definitely hit at 13.

What you want to do is double down when you have a favorable hand.

And, you do this in relation to the high bet. When the pot is relatively high, you should call or double down on a $5 bet. Double down $10 for a $20 pot. These double downs are done in $5 betsheets. When the pots are getting larger, you should stick around and see the flop.

Doubling down is essential to win at Bolagila. Doubling down will double your bet, and you are charged a 5% vig on the second card. You then get only one card, but you can use the dealer as leverage against your second card. Always double down on a hard 9. Anything less is not worth the risk.

Doubling down on any hand 11 and above is not allowed.

Doubling down is perfectly legal, but 12 should not be touched!

The Worst Hand

Please do not get shaky hands when you are counting cards, especially if the dice are black or red. shaky hands can lead you to play murderously and lose precious cash. Always stick to hands 5 and above.