How to Play Online Poker and Win Real Money

Ever logged on to your favorite online poker casino and thought to yourself. How do you play online poker and win real money?

Well I have been playing online poker for a short time but have become obsessed with it. I thought I would pass on some tips to you on how to play online poker and win real money.

I have provided some of these tips below –

  1. You should always start out with at least a hundred dollars in your pocket. Now if you don’t have that much you should join a poker room which has a deposit bonus and use that to build your bankroll. You can even find sites that give you a free bankroll with a sign up bonus. This will help you to get started and you can use the free money as a training ground.
  2. Find a poker room that has a low limit to start. This is especially important if you are a beginner because the little money you have to play with starts to grow very quickly. The low limit poker rooms are also the ones that you can learn the most.
  3. Play a dewabet room that has a lot of players. You should choose a poker room with many poker players because they will be able to help you improve your game more quickly.
  4. Wait until you are either very good or very bad before you play on multiple tables. You should start with only one table at a time because everyone at the table will be constantly moving all in to take the small blinds. If you are not very good or bad you will be able to handle these circumstances.
  5. Never play when you are emotional. Be careful if you are playing emotional poker games because some players can bedriven by their emotions to play reckless. In other words, just because you are not playing the best poker go you have to stop for the day.
  6. Learn to adjust your playing strategy to the number of players at your table. You must adapt to the number of players at your table because you are playing against multiple opponents. The more players you are playing against, the more you have at your disposal. With more hands at the table, you have more chances of winning at all.
  7. Do not bluff often and against players who are not good. If you bluff against a weak player, he will be sure to call your bluff. When you bluff against a good player, you will find that the player will have enough bankroll to call your bluff.
  8. Play the highest card against the lowest card. I learned this rule from Poker Blue and it seems to hold true. I have also seen many players insist that the Ace is always higher than the King. Look them square in the eye and see if the King would be better than the Ace.
  9. Pay Attention. No matter what you do, pay attention to your opponents. This seems to be a popular mistake. Don’t let your eyes pass when you have a good hand. Looking out for what your opponent has is an important skill.
  10. If you can’t beat them, join them. I learned this from Poker Blueprint and it certainly held true. If you are playing in a $2/$4 cash game, and the house has $500 at stake, don’t call the blind bet of $50. Why? If you are scaring the players off, you are scaring yourself off. Don’t lose your shirt by calling bets you should not.

As you can see, these tips are based on years of experience and study. I certainly do my share of reading and studying, but nothing beats the feel of a solid hand to the back of your hand.