How to Play Poker in Your Pajamas

We have enjoyed so many Western and Eastern Europe as our friends, so how can we not miss the entertainment they provide us with. One of the latest entertainments to join the long list of this game is actually a card game that is known as the variant of rummy. Yes dear readers, you can actually play poker in your pajamas.

Last week while traveling across Europe I met a 24 year old recent college graduate from Latvia, her name is tintaaliiaa and she had never being in a casino. Now do not get me wrong that she was not born to be a casino addict, but her main source of income is online poker and she has become rather proficient at it. As a result of her tight schedule, her bankroll had decreased to a few hundred dollars and she was at her wit’s end. Then a friend of mine offered her a loan for $150 to help her build up her bankroll so she could play in $1/$2 sit and go tournaments which are the sit and go for one or two players. She had never played in one before and not sure how to play. He gave her a list of the Sit and Go download that specific pokerbo site offers and she started playing the $1/$2 sit and go tournaments under $200.

First of all, you have to be aware of the difference between a sit and go download and a cash game. People tend to think that Sit and Go games are the same as cash games because they both have 10 players, but cash games are different from sit and go. A sit and go is a single table tournament and starts when the required number of players sign up. As you can notice, there’s a very little time in which you play the game. You have less players, less time to play and less money as well.

She deposited $300 into her account and began to play the $1/$2 sit and go tournaments. Within the first two hours she won $200. After the first 2 days she realized that she was making quite a bit of money although she was only playing 1/8 limit at that point (the 1/8 limit is the fastest increment in ring games). The next day she realized that she could win $200-$300 every day if she continued her plug-n-play strategy. She decides to increase her limits and keep playing at $1/$2. After six days she made $900.

What happened in her account between Day 6 and Day 8? She researched her wins and losses and found that she won most of her money at $1/$2. This made her feel really good but also made her think about how she could make a million playing online poker. She decided to push her limits up a notch and keep her bankroll up to $1,000,000. She was still playing $1/$2 although she was trying to play more aggressively.

This is when her problems started. She started playing the “popular” microlimits, such as $0.50/$1, $1/$2 and $5/$10. She played these games in the hopes of winning a big pot. The more she won, the more she felt that she was going to win the next hand. She would go into a session feeling confident because she had won the previous hand. Unfortunately, she would start to lose after not taking any big beats. This would continue for about a week or so.

On day seven, I entered her into a $300 turbo tournament. I can not tell you what hand she had, because she didn’t play it for over a hour. I note that she said that she had a pretty decent hand (lower than average) and wanted to play to win. She did play aggressively and it seemed like she wanted the pot more than anything else. But, she had nothing and everyone figured that she would go out fairly quickly.

After six hands, she did finally go out. She broke her ban and returned to the game exactly one hour later. This is exactly the time when I decided to call it quits and returned to my regularly scheduled programming. Just as quickly as she had won, she seemed to lose every hand. I tried to hold my emotions in check and stick to my statistics method. Within the hour I had lost every chip I had gotten so far that day. IJoy did not win at that particular table, but she did pick up a small pot that totaled $70 or so.

Don’t ask me how I made those picks, because I Ordered Cake Poker Daily today and I won this hand on Curse of the Cash BLackJack!