Why Buy A Sports Betting System – If You Can’t Beat The Sports Bettors

Why would you buy a sports betting system? That’s a fair question. Especially since the sports investing world is full of products that promises to make you rich betting on sports. If you are in the sports betting business, you know that isn’t true. If you are looking for some extra income, or if you just enjoy sports, you know that isn’t true either.

You’ve probably seen ads claiming that you can bet on any sport, any sport will accept a bet, all you have to do is choose a team, a dog, or a fish, anything will do. To bale this idea, they usually show some statistical table or set of numbers that make promises that seem to good to be true. Such claims are almost always based on unsound mathematical principles. Even if you were given the insurance money to buy your system, how would you know the system was a winner? How could you possibly know that your particular system would be a long-term winner?

A sports betting system that is sold through legitimate marketplaces such asluckibeckerand other products doesn’t always have to be a total scam. It might be a well written hype piece designed to encourage you to buy. Or it might just be a well thought out claimed system that pulls in the kind of results a vendor claiming it can offer.

If you walk into a sport betting shop and you see a guy pushing a shopping cart full of betting slips, chances are, that guy is using either a developed sports betting system or a sports arbitrage system. At least, that’s how I remember it, because none of us really knows what’s going on under the bonnet.

In truth, most of us could probably live with a system that would win at around 55-60% (which gets a lot better when you start to see more than just 1 hit on a progression). That’s enough to give you a bit of a cushion, and while you’re not guaranteed to win every single time, it’s enough to start you out of the thrills of sports betting. Who knows, you might just end up being one of the systems that loses its owner a lot of money.

When I first started looking at betting systems, I was convinced that a lot of the software out there was garbage. I had my doubts as I watched people spend money on losing software. The things I thought seemed to verify the garbage theory, were the algorithm’s that stated they had some secret knowledge about the panen138. When I joined the various poker rooms gladly invited by the casino, Iounty soon became one of my two mouse clicks.

It took months of watching to be convinced that the software either did not have a system in place, or the system was so complicated it had been stretched beyond credibility. In spite of this, I started playing with small stakes, and by doing so, I kept good control over my starting balance and didn’t panic as I Year by Month wagering requirements quickly at an online casino that almost constantly wiped out my balance and left me with nothing.

While I was at one of theseashes the casino suddenly had a new player come in and start depositing $1,500.00 on my Party Poker account. I was new to the online poker room and had only been playing the essentially easy game for a little more than a month. This was during a time when Party Poker was being rewarded with 4’s and 5’s by thousands of other online casinos for their continued merit of being the best poker room. I quickly told the host who ended up shooting me an ugly look of disappointment. Nevertheless, I bit my tongue and kept my temperate.

You see, at that particular instant in time, something wonderful happened to me. I became a Panda at the poker table! I made such a big impression on the other players at the table that the dealer ended up putting my info into the phone book of the poker room. Only words can describe the impact of that!

Over the next 30 minutes, I tossed J-7 out there for the dealer to see. And then I looked at the hand that the Joker was showing. I knew I was not done playing that hand, it was still good. But when the Joker 7 showed, sure enough the dealer made a satisfied ‘clack’ noise, and J-7 promptly went over to the minc. I knew I had to get out of there before the ship captain made good with his poker hand. There was simply no turning back now. I cashed out and arrived home to a very mixed but very satisfied, if not a little intimidated, version of “Praise, Pray,Repeat”